Our Campaign

The Magnitude of Our Campaign

Too many high school and college students in Malawi are not able to attend school due to poverty. They are chased out of school and invited back in only when the balance of their bill is paid. Many never get back in, some are fortunate enough to find a scholarship, somewhere, somehow … Our campaign seeks to help the undeterred, though involuntary, scholarship fund raisers – the many teenagers and young adults who leave no rock unturned in pursuit of a scholarship. They come to the scholarship coordinator all by themselves or are referred by their parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances; they come in entire groups referred by their schools!

In Malawi, the challenge for college students to obtain a scholarship is only second to being included in the rigorous quotas set by the government.  College scholarships are as scarce as hen’s teeth, in as well as outside of Malawi. Funding of college scholarships is definitely the step child of charitable organizations worldwide!