Uniqueness of Our Campaign

There are quite a few very encouraging efforts made by a number of charities to improve access to primary and secondary education in Malawi, especially in Central and Southern Malawi. These philanthropic endeavors – some benefiting girls only – are aiming at building schools, paying for teacher salaries, providing books, desks and other materials and resources, like basic student counseling and referral services. Even scholarships are provided, mainly to the indigent students living in the vicinity of the schools built by the charities.

Our scholarship program wants to reach out to those who are stranded on the roadside of the secondary (high school) and, in particular, tertiary (college/university) education systemby funding scholarships inexistingschools on the secondary and college/university level in the three districts of Malawi. We make it a point:

  • to fund tuition for affordable community day and open secondary schools
  • to fund tuition for open/distance learning university (college) centers
  • to fund, at least partially, tuition for residential study programs that are not available through open/distant education centers
  • to include disabled students in residential secondary (high school), tertiary (college) and vocational study programs and to include, whenever possible, school materials in cases of extreme need
  • to ask our students to perform supervised community volunteer work, through the government-sponsored Public Work program, church-based volunteer programs or verifiable community-based opportunities
  • to commit our students to high standards, especially when it comes to their work ethics and personal conduct
  • to hold our students accountable for their scholastic and volunteer work at the end of each term
  • to request regular reports from their respective schools and prompt acknowledgment of receipt of tuition by the school
  • to randomly visit the schools where scholarship recipients are placed
  • to keep administrative costs at a minimum through volunteer work on site and by means of
  • Internet correspondence
  • To keep the number of the scholars at a level where it is possible to maintain personal relationships with the students

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